[Accepted] Proposal: New Community Signer

Hello everyone,

We’ve been discussing decreasing Equilibrium’s signing power in the VanillaDAO for a while and now that we are coming to the end of our migration, the time feels right.

We’ve contacted the largest VNL holder who a) isn’t yet a signer and b) hasn’t already opted out and he has agreed to volunteer to be a signer.

Address: 0xa7866e4e4862e03a27df599a8d55d8de952950b2
Current VNL balance: 329,560 VNL

We are proposing that on Friday the 8th of October when we upload the final migration snapshot, we’ll also add the address above as a signer and remove one Equilibrium address.

The address to be removed is: 0x5A9b2f096A955be3B7B339fEc8f077D3Bab4BE04

If anyone disagrees with this proposal, please outline your concerns here.

Thanks and see you on telegram!

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VanillaDAO transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x41952b0bae04848f4b15a61f3dc4311336913d761fa3285a3dcfdd06bd1fac44