[Accepted] Proposal: Payment of Vanilla Testnet Competition Reward

Hi everyone,

This has already been discussed in the community and the general sentiment was positive, but here’s a proposal that

  • the DAO pays the winner of the 2-week Juicenet testnet competition $500 worth of VNL
  • the address of the winner is: 0xaCFe5D0F9195F278490B4c8F6385C1ebb04ed170
  • the amount paid in VNL is: 1675.21 VNL (at $0.298470* per VNL, and rounding the amount of VNL to 2 decimals)

*the USD/VNL rate used is the close price on Coingecko on the 9th of March, the end date of the competition

The VanillaDAO signers accepted the proposal and executed this transaction: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf648ba741c745488bb760d4e3586d6765040aa83c407ad11829f91389e952dac

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