Community wishlist megathread

Got a half-baked thought or a well-developed line of reasoning? Something practical or something still abstract? To be implemented today or in ten years?

This is the thread, where you can share any ideas that could bring Vanilla a step forward.

“While ideas ultimately can be so powerful, they begin as fragile, barely formed thoughts, so easily missed, so easily compromised, so easily just squished.” - Jony Ive

My thought on Discord:

Should we try to encourage Enzyme/Housecat or some other platform to build a JUICE delegation mechanism (for those who want someone else to manage their JUICE)? Or is that something that we dont care about/see beneficial or maybe we´d like to build it ourselves rather than let a partner do it? It might also be a good way to get more asset managers onboarded. In the future the managers could do real world investments on the partner platform and that would translate through to Juicenet (and from there back to the real world to our investment pools).

These things tend to take a lot of time so it might be good idea to get collaborations going asap. Now the only way for new portfolio managers to get onboard is to buy JUICE (which they might not be able/willing to buy enough to feel meaningful to them) and then start to trade for themselves. I think more asset management is done on behalf of other people/institutions rather than just for oneself or atleast thats where lot of the talent, time and effort is located.

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I wonder if it would be possible to build a Juicer referral program on-chain. Where users could input a Juicer specific code to indicate they’ve been referred by that Juicer and there would be some reward.

Sybil resistance is a problem, but there may be ways of getting around it…

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