Ideas: VanillaDAO Telegram group

Hey dear Vanillonaires!

As discussed in last week’s community call, we propose setting up a new Telegram group called “VanillaDAO” solely for $VNL holders. The purpose of this group is to create a separate place for discussing VanillaDAO related matters.

The group would use to enable token-gated access in three steps:

  1. Click this invite link
  2. Follow the bot’s instructions to connect your wallet that holds $VNL.
  3. Voilà, you have joined the group!

We propose that the minimum requirement for $VNL holdings is 1250 VNL, which is approximately 0.01% of the current total supply.

Let us know what you think!



P.S. The new group would NOT displace the current Vanilla Telegram group, which would continue as is and might end up serving an increasingly important role in Vanilla v2 (more on this later! :wink:)

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Let’s try it out and see if it causes too much fragmentation. Could also be that people don’t even join the walled telegram group…

Update: 6 people out of 36 views on this post have joined the group. One possible reason is that this has been just a proposal - we haven’t officially launched anything yet.

However, I’m a bit hesitant to launch the VanillaDAO tg group with fanfares right now for two reasons:

  1. We might find a better tool later on (e.g. that also integrates with other DAO governance tools that we want to use - and it’s always difficult to switch later on.

  2. Having a token-gated community is at least for now just a solution looking for a problem. I.e. it doesn’t really solve a problem we currently have (or I’m aware of).

So my current opinion is that we should keep our options open and actually not do anything for now.


I’m in agreement here. I’m not sure the token gated community offers much of a benefit right now and actually just splits the conversation.

This isn’t really a VanillaDAO operation so I’m going to move this thread.