[LEGACY] Proposal: Extending the VNL v1-v1.1 conversion period


Given that there are 167 addresses that have not yet converted their existing v1 VNL to v1.1, I would suggest we keep the migration ongoing for at least a few months more. Just to be clear, no new VNL can be mined in v1 after today (October 7th), but addresses that already had v1 VNL could continue to migrate for some time. The community can then decide at a later date to close the migration.

This would involved uploading the snapshot to be take on October 8th once a month until we decide to close migration.

What do you guys think?

I have some unfortunate news. We messed up. We screwed up our scheduling and the 1 month snapshot duration just ended. This effectively means that no one can migrate anymore, not even .

The snapshot mechanism had a 1 month duration and if a new snapshot was not uploaded within the month, the migration closed for good. We put this in place, because if the VanillaDAO could just keep uploading snapshots, that would constitute a backdoor to creating VNL.

The fact that the snapshot duration has ended means that we also cannot extend migration even for old VNL as per the proposal I made today which is a few messages above this one.

Soo…yeah. This sucks.

There are of course things we can do. Airdrop VNL from the VanillaDAO for example, but before we jump to conclusion we’ll discuss this at Equilibrium and with the VanillaDAO signers and propose a solution.

Sorry :confused: