[Proposal] Initial Juicenet token list

I hereby propose that we implement the following list of tokens to the soon to be launched Juicenet:

1 WBTC 0x1bfd67037b42cf73acf2047067bd4f2c47d9bfd6
2 WETH 0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619
3 BNB 0x3BA4c387f786bFEE076A58914F5Bd38d668B42c3
4 SOL 0x7DfF46370e9eA5f0Bad3C4E29711aD50062EA7A4
5 LUNA 0x24834bbec7e39ef42f4a75eaf8e5b6486d3f0e57
6 SHIB 0x6f8a06447Ff6FcF75d803135a7de15CE88C1d4ec
7 WMATIC 0x0d500B1d8E8eF31E21C99d1Db9A6444d3ADf1270
8 LINK 0x53E0bca35eC356BD5ddDFebbD1Fc0fD03FaBad39
9 UNI 0xb33EaAd8d922B1083446DC23f610c2567fB5180f
10 MANA 0xA1c57f48F0Deb89f569dFbE6E2B7f46D33606fD4
11 AAVE 0xD6DF932A45C0f255f85145f286eA0b292B21C90B
12 COMP 0x8505b9d2254A7Ae468c0E9dd10Ccea3A837aef5c
13 SUSHI 0x0b3f868e0be5597d5db7feb59e1cadbb0fdda50a
14 CURVE 0x172370d5cd63279efa6d502dab29171933a610af
15 DPI 0x85955046DF4668e1DD369D2DE9f3AEB98DD2A369
16 BAL 0x9a71012B13CA4d3D0Cdc72A177DF3ef03b0E76A3
17 SNX 0x50B728D8D964fd00C2d0AAD81718b71311feF68a
18 UMA 0x3066818837c5e6ed6601bd5a91b0762877a6b731
19 CEL 0xD85d1e945766Fea5Eda9103F918Bd915FbCa63E6
20 MKR 0x6f7c932e7684666c9fd1d44527765433e01ff61d
21 SAND 0xbbba073c31bf03b8acf7c28ef0738decf3695683
22 FTM 0xB85517b87BF64942adf3A0B9E4c71E4Bc5Caa4e5
23 OCEAN 0x282d8efCe846A88B159800bd4130ad77443Fa1A1
24 NEXO 0x41b3966B4FF7b427969ddf5da3627d6AEAE9a48E


We have a maximum of 24 spots on the list. For a token to be included it needs to have a USD nominated Chainlink price feed on Polygon (Polygon (Matic) Data Feeds | Chainlink Documentation) and enough liquidity on Polygon as well. As discussed before lets also leave all the stablecoins out of the list. USDC is planned to make the short positions translatable to the investment pool but it’ll be unstakeable to Juicers (see litepaper). All of the tokens that are proposed here have a USD nominated Chainlink price feed and probably enough liquidity on decentralized exchanges (I checked Balancer, Quickswap, Uniswap and Sushiswap) to begin with. Remember that we can always change the list later if more liquidity comes to new tokens and we want to replace some tokens on the list with them. But I propose these to be on the initial list.

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This looks good to me, but I guess we need to decide whether to leave both mana and sand in here? While this isn’t a static thing going forward, switching out tokens may not be possible for a while given balancer requires us to deploy a pool currently to do so.